The best time to go to Zambia

Zambia is in the tropics and receives good rainfall. There is a really dry and wet season, and although it is possible to travel through the country, there are certain advantages and disadvantages of traveling in each season. The rainy season means that most unpaved roads are closed and as a result many safari camps do not work during the rainy season. Only the Zambia Premier Park (South Luangwa) is open year-round and only in the Mfuwe region. With central and southern Zambia at higher elevations, some destinations such as Kafue National Park and Lusaka offer a more temperate climate and a cooler climate. The lower parks in South Luangwa and Lower Zambezi reach warmer temperatures (average 88 ° F, sometimes up to 100 ° C) with increased humidity and create uncomfortable conditions for safari travelers. Choose the best season for your interest in planning your safari in Zambia.

Dry season – May to October

The best time to spot wildlife is in the dry season, which usually takes from May to October, when wildlife is found near rivers and only a few permanent waterholes. During the dry season, there is virtually no rain and fewer mosquitoes. Most parks are not overpopulated (except Victoria Falls). In October, temperatures and humidity begin to rise, especially in the lower parks such as South Luangwa National Park and Lower Zambezi. The Victoria Falls are ideal from June to August, when the current is high, but not at its maximum, when the spray is so strong that visibility can be obstructed. A tip to pack: The morning safaris can be cool in winter, cooler and drier from June to August. It is therefore advisable to bring warm clothes.

Rainy season – November to April
During the rainy season, which lasts from November to April, the landscape is a bit greener and although animals are not so easy to find, travelers have the opportunity to see newborn animals. Dirt roads make traveling difficult and most camps and parks are closing, but open safaric camps tend to demand lower prices and some offer more flexibility in their children’s policies. The rain itself is usually just a short shower in the afternoon, leaving the rest of the day free. It is also the best time to observe migratory birds. The Victoria Falls are reduced to a small stream between October and December. December to March is the wettest period of the rainy season. Afternoon, the rain lasts until April.

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