Best time to visit Zimbabwe

The dry season lasts from May to October and is usually the best time to travel to Zimbabwe. Water is scarce and rivers and few permanent waterholes attract larger herds and a variety of species to specific and predictable locations. This is especially true in Hwange National Park, where water pumped into safari lodges primarily attracts elephants. This season is also the lowest risk of malaria for travelers.

The best times to see Victoria Falls are from June to September, when the climate is dry. The amount of water is not so great that the spray blocks the view of the falls, but it is still strong enough that the falls are more than the light net they have until the end of the dry season.

The best time to see all of Zimbabwe’s National Parks and wildlife is from May to September. From May to August, the temperatures and sleep are the most comfortable. They rarely interrupt the activities of the day. September and October are also good times to visit the parks, but higher temperatures and increased humidity make long days a bit more difficult. From November to April, the activities in the park are quiet and less crowded. Many pavilions close even during the rainy season, which lasts from December to March.

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